About Pureprofile

We connect empowered consumers with relevant brands.

Pureprofile collects deep profiles of consumers and provides businesses the ability to segment, target and engage with niche audiences through research, advertising or content to understand them better.

Our mission

We’re on a mission to enable everyone to make better decisions:

With brands who want to understand the wants and behaviours of their customers to people looking for the perfect products to suit their needs.

What we do

We’ve spent the past 15+ years collecting hundreds of millions of answers from real people who want to have their say about the products, services and issues that matter to them.

Since 2000, more than a million people have chosen to join Pureprofile to share their opinions and unlock the true value of their data. They answer questions via our mobile and web apps to build a secure asset from their information, and in return receive personalised content, insights and financial rewards.

Answer questions


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Share info securely


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Connecting your business to empowered consumers


Understand audience attitudes and preferences through profiling. Access hard-to-reach customer segments and gain deep insights into them.

Marketers & Advertisers

Get to the core of who your customers are. Understand them better and deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.


White label the Pureprofile platform to access and understand your audience. Engage with them by creating relevant and engaging content.

The Pureprofile Group includes:

Pureprofile collects deep profiles of consumers and provides clients the ability to segment and target niche customer segments and engage with them.

Sparcmedia is specialised in data fuelled programmatic media buying across: display, mobile, social, video, native and rich media.

AdSparc helps to maximise ad revenue through programmatic yield optimisation. Through deep profiling AdSparc helps publishers gain meaningful insights and build valuable audience segments.

Cohort uses digital marketing platforms, combined with old fashioned service to help brands connect with consenting consumers in a transparent, privacy compliant manner.

Bidobo connects demand and supply partners, providing them access to global display and video ad inventory via the Bidobo marketplace and ad serving technology.

Board of Directors

Andrew Edwards

Andrew Edwards

Executive Chairman

Clifford Rosenberg

Clifford Rosenberg

Non-Executive Director

Nic Jones

Nic Jones

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer



Nic Jones

Nic Jones

CEO & Managing Director

Loucas Gatzoulis

Loucas Gatzoulis

Chief Technology Officer

Shai Ishaq

Shai Ishaq

Head of Talent & Culture

Luke O’Brien

Luke O’Brien

Managing Director - Data & Insights

Kelvin Kirk

Kelvin Kirk

Managing Director ANZ


Awards, Memberships & Partners

ISO20252 &
ISO26332 Certification

Member of AMSRS

#23 TechFast50, 2016

#232 Technology Fast
500™ Asia Pacific, 2016

Member of AMI

Member of ADMA

GRIT partner

ESOMAR member

Our global footprint

Pureprofile is a global company headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with offices in Europe (the UK, Poland & Greece), the US and India. We employ more than 230 people worldwide.