Harmoney increases audience

engagement rates

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Harmoney, a New Zealand based personal finance business was having difficulty finding the right customers.  They needed to attract customers who were more likely to be approved for personal credit products. The campaign aimed to increase conversion rates for consumers with high credit scores.


Attribution strategy

Pureprofile implemented an attribution strategy to map the digital customer journey. The insights were used to understand how the audience engaged with different creative assets.

Multichannel approach

A multichannel media strategy was optimised for targeted display, rich media, video and dynamic creatives in order to enhance user engagement.

Audience personalisation

Highly targeted audiences were created to include a mix of demographic, premium, interest and intent-based insights. By adding dynamic, velocity and recency targeting were able to move customers through the sales funnel at a rapid pace.

Increased audience engagement by 237%


    1. Increased audience engagement by 237%
    2. Reduced conversion time by 50%
    3. 24% uplift in final stage conversions for programmatic advertising activity