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The Values Project, jointly funded by Pureprofile, The University of Western Australia, with support from other universities, and the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council [ARC Linkage Project: LP150100434], was launched in an effort to discover more about the links between individuals’ values and their everyday behaviour. 

To date, no large scale studies have examined how values are expressed in consumption behaviour across the adult lifespan. The ongoing Project aims to understand the complex relations between people’s life goals and their consumption behaviour; exploring age, life-stage and cohort effects. 


Interactive values website

Built to provide information about The Values Project, host the values survey and engage study participants with personalised feedback on their values. 

Longitudinal panel study

This three-year study has involved a large annual data collection with the same participants completing between four and eight short surveys each year.

Values-based marketing

The Project has enabled values-based segmentation for products, services and brands, and the use of value-expressive language to frame appeals and marketing messages.

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The Project has involved the development of a state-of-the-art interactive values-based website (, previously unknown knowledge about Australian values, values change and value-related behaviour, and business insight into value-based marketing. In 2019, the team published the first Values Project report.  The Values Project collaboration is ongoing and will continue until the end of 2020.

The Values Project is changing our understanding of people’s values impact their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. This project showcases how collaboration between academics and industry can lead to the creation of new knowledge that is clearly relevant to business and society. Pureprofile’s capacity to design and field a wide variety of well-structured online surveys has allowed us to be creative in the way we ask questions. Being able to interview the same respondents, repeatedly, over a three year period is at the core of this project.


Professor Julie Lee, Director of the Centre for Human and Cultural Values,
The University of Western Australia