Client success stories

Brand recall of the Cook Islands increased by 5% and online digital advertising had a recall of 20%

Cook Islands Tourism wanted to increase brand awareness of the Cook Islands in Australia and New Zealand and to change the perception that the Cook Islands is an adventurous destination as opposed to a resort based holiday.

Car insurance company lowers CPA to $10 for quotes

Pureprofile applied a display prospecting strategy to generate impressions and unique reach. Upon identifying that private marketplace deals generated one of the most cost-effective CPA’s with scale, we pushed a higher percentage of impressions to the best performing site.

Finance Brand increases audience engagement by 237% and reduces conversion window by 50%

Pureprofile used Audience Insights to better understand the interests and behaviour of the people with a ‘good credit rating’, by tagging the audience that passed the credit check stage on Harmoney’s website.

Major sporting tournament generates an ROI of 677% on ticket sales

As awareness was a key focus of the campaign, Pureprofile utilised video advertising and high-impact rich media ad units across premium publisher websites, sports, entertainment and lifestyle category websites.

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