Digital advertising

Using consumer insights to optimise media strategies

We make digital advertising work for you

By focusing on key impact areas to deliver positive results for your brand

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Understand your customers and find more of them
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Engage your customers at each stage of the buyer journey
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Promote your brand in a secure digital environment
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Measure the contribution of every advertising channel
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Generate key insights to make better business decisions
Digital Performance

Audience discovery

Understand how your audience interacts with digital advertising – the channels they are most active on, their content preferences and online behaviours. Leverage insights from the Pureprofile panel to plan and activate your media strategy.

Multichannel approach

Target audiences based on behavioural, psychographic, keyword and geographic characteristics across key channels including search, social, video, display and audio.

Multichannel Advertising
media measurement

Media measurement 

Move beyond vanity metrics and gain a true understanding of your advertising effectiveness. Brand Impact studies give rich insights into the metrics that matter, so you can optimise your media strategy.

Why guess when you can ask?
Discover deeper insights and better understand your customers

Digital advertising solutions

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Programmatic advertising

Build brand awareness by using programmatic display, video, mobile, connected TV and digital outdoor to get people to search your brand online, find you on social or visit your store.

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Social media advertising

Use popular social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat to build awareness, drive engagement, get qualified leads and find new customers.

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Search advertising

Put your brand in front of consumers when they are searching for your product category to guide your prospects to purchase and boost conversion rates.

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