Engage your digital community

Discover new insights to deepen the customer experience


Why guess when you can ask?

Pureprofile’s survey solutions allows you to quickly and seamlessly integrate customisable, simple surveys within your website.

Our cloud-based technology has been designed for you to capture and centralise user feedback. This allows you to leverage data to make better business decisions.

Responsive design

Mobile-first design, reaching consumers on-the-go.

Surveys can be answered within the widget itself or served as an invitation to a longer survey via a pop-up feature.

How it works

1. Integrate 

Our survey widget integrates seamlessly across your digital properties

2. Create 

Fully customisable templates allow you to create simple, on-brand surveys

3. Inform

Ask your audience the right questions to inform your decision-making

4. Action

Interactive dashboards allow you to action insights in real-time

Key benefits


new insights by collecting Q&A data


declared and audience data to compare segments and behaviours


the uplift in key metrics with responsive dashboards


conversion rates by identifying the buyer cycle


your audience with a rich experience

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