Products & Services

Deeply understand your customers and audience.
Uncover insights to drive engagement and sales.

Pureprofile delivers the powerful customer and audience data that businesses need.

We provide the products and solutions your business requires to identify, understand and engage customers in ongoing, meaningful interactions. Let us harvest the insights necessary to drive your business forward.

The Pureprofile Platform

Our platform allows businesses to gain deep consumer insights.

  • Tap into and create audience segments then engage with them.
  • Build and run research campaigns then view results and reporting.
  • Gain deep insight into customers and audiences to allow strategic decision-making across the business.

Pureprofile’s platform is available in self-service or managed service options.

Solutions for Researchers

Understand audience attitudes and preferences through profiling.

Access hard-to-reach customer segments and gain deep insights into them. Pureprofile offers:

  • Research panel
  • Data processing
  • Survey programming
  • Project management

Pureprofile’s platform is available in self-service or managed service options.

Solutions for Publishers

White label the Pureprofile platform to access and understand your audience.

Engage with them by creating relevant and engaging content. Your website’s audience becomes the panel, offering plentiful opportunities for research, which in turns leads to stronger engagement.

Use the powerful audience insights gained to drive:

  • Strategic business decisions related to content
  • Product development and ad sales
  • Editorial and UXI to increase revenue streams

Solutions for Marketers

Understand your customers better and deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

When using Pureprofile’s powerful profiling capabilities, you gain insights that can drive your business forward. By engaging with your audience through research and conversations, you get a better picture of their attitudes and preferences.

  • Segmentation – Build custom audience groups.
  • Engage – Run campaigns (research, ads, video etc)
  • Understand – Generate data and insights to get to the core of who your customers are.
  • Drive Sales – Use insights from customers to run better campaigns and respond to their needs.

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