The Pureprofile platform

Drive the customer intelligence and insights you need.

Pureprofile platform features:

  • Best-in-class profiling capability
  • Deep audience segmentation and grouping tools
  • Progressive profiling of audience/customers
  • Advanced audience engagement capabilities
  • Intuitive campaign management through self-service capability
  • Built-in templates and library for easy, immediate use
  • Advanced data collection tools and management
  • Dashboards for data analysis, reporting and insights
  • Secure & Reliable
  • Fully optimized for any device
  • 24/7 global support for self-service platform
  • Expert account management and support team

1. Audience profiling

Your profiled audience – The creation of a vast, profiled pool of your audience that can be tapped into. Empowers stakeholders across the organisation to make better, faster decisions at lower cost. Provides a strategic advantage over competitors.

Look-a-like modelling – By combining the known profiles with anonymous page view behavioural data (implicit), a publisher can work with their data science team to utilise propensity modelling techniques to impute targetable profiles on unknown audiences without having asked them a single question.

2. Build groups and segment audience

Progressive Profiling – Never ask the same question twice. With progressive profiling build a comprehensive view of your audience.

Deep audience segmentation – Segment your profiles by any attribute including attitudes, feelings, wants and needs or use Simplified Group targeting for content, advertising and research campaigns.

Group personalisation – Create and name groups, adding descriptions and images to give context and meaning.

Reporting and Insights – Deep insights on specific segment behaviour and attitudes.

3. Engage audience and customers

Engage target audience – In meaningful engagements that are relevant – deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Publisher engagement tools – Including panel portal, widgets and reward redemption portal to capture audience data and keep readers retention.

Build and run campaigns – To target audience including research surveys and programmatic advertising.

Optimised – Across mobile to increase audience engagement across devices


4. Target and run campaigns

Intuitive campaign management – Through self-service capability.

Fully optimised – Run seamless and intuitive surveys across all devices. View dashboards and access insights on the go.

Campaign Library – Built-in templates and library for easy, immediate use.

Surveys – Simple and complex survey capability including polls.

Detailed Campaign Settings – Control the campaign spend, targeting, frequency, invitational messaging, quotas in a user-first interface.

Custom Table Importing – Add any external data table to create dynamic dashboards and cross-tab any business or external data.

Programmatic advertising – Through our company Sparc Media.

Advanced data collection tools and management – Self-service or through our expert account management team.


5. Reporting, Analysis and Insights

Dashboards – Visualise all campaigns and segment data through your branded Dashboard.

Real-time engagement metrics – Understand audience size, engagement levels and profiles to gain ongoing quality insights.

Integration of 3rd party data – import existing 3rd party data through internal API’s or import directly into dashboards .

Reports – See audience and group metrics for deep insight on audience and groups.

Insights – See results and actionable insights from surveys to inform all departments.


Other expert features

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Ad Effectiveness & Brand Impact studies

Understand how awareness, consideration, consumer attitudes, key messages and purchase intent are affected by: ad formats, creative, devices and frequency.

Expert account management & global client support

Our local and expert account management professionals provide as-needed and proactive support by phone, email and in-person meetings.

Programmatic Advertising

Through our company SparcMedia, serve display ads to your specific audience groups.

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Supply Side Desk

Through our company, AdSparc, maximise ad revenue through high CPM ad formats (video, native & audience data creation).

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