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Gain deep insights into your readers, their interests and intentions. Drive higher audience engagement. Increase advertising yield.

Stay competitive in a data-driven digital world

Increase advertising yield

Drive higher engagement

Enhance targeting capabilities

Understand your audience

The Pureprofile Platform

Pureprofile has white-labelled its patented profiling technology to give publishers a new way to engage readers and gather rich insights.

Our platform gathers information readers choose to share in exchange for rewards and premium content.

The result is a highly interactive, intimate experience for your readers and one that provides the data needed to increase advertising yield and personalise products.

How you benefit

Understand your readers

By gathering the valuable information your readers choose to volunteer, you get ongoing, robust, trusted insights into their purchasing habits and interests.

Engage your audience

Pureprofile’s on-site widgets build loyalty by engaging readers with interactive, gamified content. Readers can be rewarded for participating with incentives of your choice.

Monetise your data

Create deep and specific audience profiles to increase your advertising yield and create new revenue streams.

Trusted profiling

Get to the core of who people really are. 

When using Pureprofile’s powerful profiling technology, you gain insights that can drive all parts of your business.

This in-depth audience intelligence drives strategic business decisions across departments such as:

  • Editorial / content creation
  • Customer insights
  • Sales Marketing (consumer and trade)
  • Product / audience experience / UX
  • Operations

How it works

What’s included:

  • A website with your company branding.
  • Deep audience segmentation and grouping.
  • Data modelling and profile imputation.
  • Perpetual profiling of segments, groups and audience members.
  • Advanced audience engagement capabilities.
  • Campaign templates and a widget library for easy, immediate use.
  • Intuitive campaign management through self-service capability.
  • Advanced data collection tools and management
  • Dashboards for easy access to real-time results and fast, quality insights.
  • Optional integration into DMPs for use by direct sales teams or Programmatic direct.
  • User experience is fully optimised for any device.
  • Secure and reliable.
  • Expert account management and support team.
  • 24/7 global access to support staff.
  • Flexible services and support packages.

Introducing AdSparc, our service
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We help to maximise ad revenue through programmatic yield optimisation. Through our deep profiling we also help publishers gain meaningful insights and build valuable audience segments.

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