Identify, understand and engage your customers in ongoing, meaningful interactions.


Understand Your Audience. Engage Your Customers. Increase Your Revenue.

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Connect to your target audience today.

Pureprofile cultivates an environment where people choose to interact with the businesses, brands and services that matter to them.

We can seamlessly supplement with our quality partner panels so you have an efficient way to reach your target audience – even those tricky ones.

Identify and engage your target audiences
Gain deep insights into their preferences and intentions
Make intelligence-driven business decisions

What our clients say

“We have worked with Pureprofile for many years now and will continue to do so. They can handle the easy ones, where we just need average consumers, or the tricky ones.”

Ethan Newbay

Newby Research LLC.

“As a smaller research firm, we value the responsiveness and partnership of our Pureprofile team in not only providing sample at a fair cost, but project management and programming support as well … it makes all the difference in our ability to serve our clients competitively.”

John Mann

Mountain View Insights, Inc.

“I was especially pleased because we were told that the B2B side would be “best efforts” to reach our goal … which is understandable with the B2B criteria we had. We reached the goal without any issues and it didn’t even take that long.”

Jamie Lang

KL Communications

The Pureprofile difference

We don’t go in for brief encounters

Genuine consumer connections develop over time, so we build lasting relationships with our members – including our partner panels.

We see people as real people, not data

We get to know members as unique individuals to learn about their evolving purchasing habits and intentions.

We believe everyone’s time is valuable

We fairly reward our members for sharing their opinions, resulting in quality insights and interactions.

We've got groups ready for you to talk to

Connect with groups of hard-to-find people who can’t be reached through any other conventional channel.

Experience a truly efficient project

Expert scripters

Utilize our survey scripters’ expertise and suggestions on ways to increase engagement and reduce fatigue.

Bespoke service

We can recommend the best platform and tools to suit your specific project requirements at any scale.


If you’d rather program your survey yourself, no problem. We’re on hand to help out if and when you need it.

Talk to us today to find your true audience.

We can also help you with translation services, questionnaire design,
community builds, ad hoc and tracker studies, data processing and charting.