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ASX ANNOUNCEMENT: Pureprofile and News Corp extend and broaden partnership

ASX ANNOUNCEMENT: Pureprofile and News Corp extend and broaden partnership

Pureprofile (ASX:PPL) is excited to announce it has signed an expanded two year agreement with News Corp. The agreement supports the expansion of News Connect across News Corp’s global digital properties.

  • Pureprofile signs a new two year agreement with News Corp
  • Partnership expanded to include News Corp’s global digital properties
  • Partnership will accelerate global momentum delivering products faster in AU, US and UK markets
  • The contract includes ongoing SaaS licence fees, technology development fees and a revenue sharing agreement

News Connect enables improved audience targeting for News Corp’s clients, thereby increasing the yield from News Corp’s digital assets. It offers consumers access to premium content in exchange for answering questions designed to help News Corp create and develop deeper consumer profiles. These profiles are authentic, accurate, and longitudinal, providing News Corp with valuable data and insights. Importantly, News Connect also provides a great experience for consumers offering them real value and rewards.

News Connect profiles are further monetised by Pureprofile in a revenue sharing agreement.

The next generation of News Connect will allow Pureprofile to further develop its audience profiling technology to deliver more across the publishing value chain. New features will support deeper insights, improved reader profiling experiences, and the creation of dashboards that help News Corp gain a better understanding of the commercial value of readers.

Pureprofile will charge ongoing SaaS license fees for the use of its technology and custom development fees. Pureprofile will also earn a share of revenue generated by connecting brands and agencies to profiled consumers.

Pureprofile founder Paul Chan said; “News Corp is a key alliance partner and is an important part of our global publishing strategy. Publishing as an industry has struggled against the duopoly of Google and Facebook.  We aim to help publishers develop closer connections with their audience via profiling. The success of News Connect and our expanded partnership with News Corp will quickly increase our global opportunities in this space”.


About Pureprofile (ASX: PPL) Pureprofile Limited (ASX: PPL) connects businesses with empowered consumers across the world by connecting, understanding and engaging them through direct-to-consumer technology platforms. Pureprofile is a global leader in consumer research, data and insights and programmatic media. Pureprofile delivers next-generation marketing solutions for more than 500 brands, publishers and research groups worldwide.