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Capture declared data & insights

Our deep, perpetual profiling helps businesses identify, engage and convert more of the consumers that matter

For marketers

Enable personalised, data-driven marketing with rich consumer insights. Achieve higher engagement and ROI.

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For researchers

Access hard-to-reach, highly-engaged consumer segments for deeper insight into attitudes and preferences.

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For publishers

Understand your readers’ interests and intentions, to drive higher engagement and increase advertising yield.

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Put customers at the centre of your business
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A next-generation data and insights solution

How it works

Capture declared data via our consumer panel and Q&A widgets

Reward consumers for sharing valuable insights and opinions

Leverage data and insights to create holistic and unique profiles

Engage consumers with relevant content and personalised experiences

Our solutions

Self-declared data delivers more engaging experiences and better results

Data & Insights

Understand more of your customers. Make better business decisions.


Reach more of the people that matter with engaging experiences.
Identify, understand and engage your audience with end-to-end technology solutions.

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