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Audience Builder

Create additional revenue streams & boost customer loyalty


Looking for increased revenue AND customer stickiness?

Audience Builder is your answer to increased revenue, on-demand consumer insights and enhanced customer stickiness via one purpose-built SaaS platform.


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Additional revenue streams

Your customers are invited to share their thoughts and opinions on a range of products and services. Each interaction generates automatic rewards for your customers as well as a unique revenue stream for you.

Owned first-party data and insights

Access your member base at any time via our self-service tool and get instant consumer insights. This real-time data asset becomes your key to making better business decisions, fast and effectively.

Increased customer loyalty

Loyal customers are profitable customers. When you reward them in innovative ways you invite a new level of customer loyalty. Audience Builder reduces churn, and turns casual shoppers into verified brand ambassadors.

In the past 12 months we've achieved some amazing results

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How does it work?

Revenue. Insights. Loyalty.

Audience Builder effortlessly rewards you AND your customers.


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