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Privacy Policy

“Pureprofile Business Account”

By registering a Business Account you will be asked to provide certain personal information as detailed in this document and our Terms of Service. Our Privacy Policy is based on the following principles of our provision of Pureprofile to you: 

  • You can access, update or change your Personal Information at any time.
  • You can opt out of the Service and delete Personal Information at any time.
  • We only store Personal Information you choose to provide. We use the latest technologies and best practices to protect all personal information from both unauthorised physical and electronic access and interference.
  • We do not forward or transfer your Information to any third parties, other than the organisations detailed in this document, which are required to operate Pureprofile. This disclosure is necessary to enable us to provide Pureprofile to you and these organisations are required to respect and maintain our commitments to your privacy and security.

We are absolutely committed to these policies. This document forms part of our Terms and Conditions for Business Accounts. We recommend that you read it carefully to ensure that you are entirely comfortable with the content. If you have any concerns or questions relating to this document then please send your enquiry via our ‘Contact Us’ section of the Site

Information we collect

We collect three broad types of information:

  • Information that you directly provide Us;
  • Information about your use of, and interaction with, Pureprofile and the Site; and
  • Information collected through the Site, the Service, third parties or other websites.

Information which you directly provide Us can include:

  • the email address and password you provide when registering to a Business Account;
  •  your profile information that you provide in your Business Account;
  • the content of any Customer Service correspondence you send to Pureprofile;
  • your log in details for other websites for which you have registered;
  • any credit or banking details you provide Pureprofile to charge against its provision of the Service.
  • any other information you directly provide to Pureprofile through the Service or the Site.

Information that Pureprofile collects relating to your use of, and interaction with, Pureprofile can include:

  • your IP address, GeoLocation and data stored in your Pureprofile.com web cookie; 
  • your Campaign activity, such as when you accept or request amendments to a Campaign proposal; 
  • your activity on the Site, such as when you log in to your Business Account, when you send us Customer Service correspondence and when you opt-in to an App; 
  • information about the device you are using to access Pureprofile (eg whether you are using a computer, mobile phone, tablet etc); or 
  • your transaction history, including status of Campaigns and paid/unpaid invoices.

Information collected through the Platform, Applications, third parties or other websites can include:

  • details about yourself which are stored on other websites; 
  • the names, email addresses and other details of contacts or friends you have stored on other websites; and 
  • any other data that may be stored on other websites or held by third parties.
How do we use information we collect?

We use Information relating to your activity and interaction with Pureprofile to:

  • help detect and prevent fraudulent activity;
  • improve and personalise your Pureprofile experience; and 
  • maintain, operate and improve Pureprofile, the Site and the Service.

We only ever access the Pureprofile.com web cookie which we place on your computer and never access or attempt to access any other cookies stored on your machine. 

Information collected through the Site, Applications, other websites and third parties may be used to allow you to:

  • create a relationship between your Business Account and online accounts you have registered with other websites;
  • invite your colleagues to join the Service;
  • communicate with your Account Holders and Business Contacts about Pureprofile or through the Site;
  • view and access your online accounts through the Site;
  • complete some of your profile information using Information stored on another website;
  • help detect and prevent fraudulent activity; and
  • improve the accessibility of the Site.

We use all Information we collect to help manage and provide the Service to you, as well as maintain and constantly improve the Site, the Service, Apps and your Pureprofile experience.

Accessing your information

You can access and update, amend or delete your profile information at any time by accessing your Business Account. You agree to update and maintain the accuracy of any personally identifying information you provide Pureprofile, whether stored in your Profile or elsewhere on the Site. For any questions in relation to accessing your information or Business Account please go to the ‘Contact Us’ section of the Site page, and send us the details of your inquiry.

Disclosure to third parties

Pureprofile will not sell, trade, give or rent any information to a third party unless:

  • you have expressly consented to such disclosure; 
  • such disclosure is permitted by the Terms and Conditions of the Business Account or this Privacy Policy; or 
  • required to do so by law.

We only disclose your credit card or banking details (if any are saved) to the relevant payment service provider for processing payments owing to us for our provision of the Service. This disclosure occurs in an extremely secure and protected online facility. 

You agree to allow Client Data to be processed in countries outside of Australia. Our foreign employees are required to maintain the same privacy standards as required of our employees based in Australia. As part of our commitment to adopting best practices and procedures we have recognised the need to use third party hosting facilities which are located outside of Australia. 

This arrangement aims to ensure that your Client Data is constantly accessible and backed up in secure data storage facilities. We will ensure that any third part hosting providers used are not permitted access to your Client Data. 

If you associate your Business Account with another website or online account through the Platform, an Application or any other means, we may save any data retrieved via this association into our system. Before any such data transfer can occur, the nature of the data being transferred will be outlined to you and your express consent will be required to action the transfer. You should read the terms of any Application carefully before accepting and using an Application.


We are committed to providing a secure online environment to use Pureprofile and have invested considerable resources to protecting Client Data from loss, misuse, corruption and unauthorised access.

We use the very latest secure server software (SSL) technology to encrypt the transfer of all personally identifiable Information. 

All of the data collected and stored by Pureprofile is protected by firewalls against unauthorised access. 

Due to the nature of the Internet, it is possible that information stored on our servers and data transmitted online can sometimes be accessed by unauthorised third parties. While we have made significant investments in hardware and software to ensure that this risk is minimised, we cannot guarantee that Client Data you provide to Pureprofile will never be compromised. By accepting this Privacy Policy you indicate that you acknowledge and accept these risks.

Closing the Business Account

In accordance with the Business Account Terms and Conditions, an Administrator of a Business Account may, with 30 days notice, close the Business Account. In addition, an Administrator will be able to de-register a Business Contact from a Business Account. 

If you are not an Administrator of a Business Account and would like to be de-registered from a Business Account, please refer to your Administrator in the first instance. If an Administrator is not able to de-register you from the Business Account, please contact Pureprofile.


Defined terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meaning as those used in the Terms and Conditions for the Business Account. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions appropriate. 

Using the Service and maintaining a Business Account is completely opt-in and you may de-register yourself from a Business Account at any time.

By registering for a Business Account you agree that you understand and accept this Privacy Policy. 

In the event that you should have any complaints to make about either our privacy policies or procedures, please send them via the ‘Contact Us’ section of the Site. 

Please consider our environment before printing any email from Pureprofile.


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