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How COVID stole Christmas: When a global pandemic collides with our favourite time of year

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In a year like no other, the hardships and uncertainties of 2020 are set to have a huge effect on the way Australians will celebrate Christmas.

To understand more about how this year’s COVID Christmas will look, we surveyed members of our Australian panel and compared those responses to our 2019 festive season data.

The results indicate that across the board, people’s expectations for what is arguably the most joyous time of the year have been impacted dramatically.

Download the full report to learn about:

  • How the giving and receiving of gifts will change
  • The ways in which we will shop differently
  • Travel plans in a pandemic
  • How we’re thinking about spirituality
  • The mental toll of a COVID Christmas

Please complete the form to download the Australian report. If you would like to access our Christmas reports for New Zealand or the United Kingdom, please reach out to us via sales.anz@pureprofile.com or sales.uk@pureprofile.com.

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