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Compare the Market

Understanding consumer perceptions of healthcare across countries


How do people in Australia, Canada and America view their healthcare system?

While access to safe and affordable healthcare is paramount for a well-functioning society, there is significant variance across countries in the level of care provided to citizens.

Compare the Market were seeking to understand the perceptions and feelings people have towards their own and other countries’ healthcare systems – to provide consumers and healthcare providers with a deeper understanding of each country’s approach to medicine.


High-quality consumer insights delivered via targeted research

Tapping into our extensive global panel network, a multi-country study was launched in order to understand key healthcare variances across America, Canada and Australia. This was achieved through:

Creating three groups of nationally representative audiences

In order to get an accurate snapshot of the general population in each country, we created three research groups based on age, gender, and location.

Developing an engaging study via an 18-question survey

Working hand-in-hand with the client, we developed an in-depth questionnaire to unearth insights into how consumers perceive their local healthcare system.

Providing robust results in a wide range of custom formats

The data was provided in a variety of raw and visualised formats, giving the client a comprehensive topline overview - and the ability to dig deeper for more granular insights.


Key research

Almost 1/2 of the population in all three countries surveyed said that they had delayed getting the medical care they needed

Most Australians (49%) and Canadians (47%) said they were somewhat satisfied with their country’s healthcare, but only 37% of Americans agree

Over 2/5 of Australians and Canadians say healthcare is somewhat affordable. However, 24% of Americans say it’s extremely unaffordable

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Fast and efficient with excellent communication

As a research partner, Pureprofile really go the extra mile. The team really understood our brief and delivered on exactly what was promised. They were fast and efficient with excellent communication. We will definitely be using them again.

Chris Ford, General Manager Media & Communications, Compare the Market

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