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Dynamic Business: Let’s talk Recruitment

27 November, 2019 | 

Originally published: Dynamic Business, 27 November 2019

Hiring the wrong person, at any stage of business, can be extremely detrimental and costly in a number of ways that aren’t only financial.

Of course there are the associated costs with spending time replacing that person, and the on-boarding and re-training of the newbie… and the more times you have to do this to find the right person for the team the more the financials build up. However, this is not the only cost.

Melinda Sheppard, COO, Pureprofile
Accessing talent is a continual top challenge for all startups, but particularly tech startups which need very specific skills.

The evolving workforce, with its surge in part-time, casual and freelance workers, presents an opportunity for startups to tap talent on demand – vital for rapid scaling. Hiring remote workers can be a key way to access rare skills.

The best people might not want to work for you on a full-time basis. They may be parents wanting to return part-time to the workforce, or simply no longer interested in a five-day week: the movement for a four-day week is growing. Consider whether a job share might be an advantage for your company – you get the benefits of two different people’s skills for the same role.

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