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Australian social media usage in 2020 and the change in behaviour post COVID-19

Social media census 2020

Created in conjunction with L&A Social – Australia’s leading independent social media agency – this report details how Australian social media patterns have shifted as a result of the pandemic.

The research contains learnings from two surveys; one conducted in January, prior to experiencing the full fallout of the pandemic, followed by a second survey in June. As a result, this report provides unique insights into how COVID-19 has impacted social media usage, spending behaviours and consumer sentiment.

Download the census to learn about:

  • Why, when and where we use social media
  • How our attitudes towards social media changed in light of the pandemic
  • What matters most to us when following a brand
  • How we perceive the ‘new normal’ and what that might look like in the long term

This unique capture of pre and post-COVID data shines a spotlight on the role of social media at a time of enormous global upheaval.

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