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Pureprofile launch Pure.amplify media business, headed by Tasneem Ali

15 September, 2020 | 

Posted at 10:30 am 

by Pureprofile 

SYDNEY, 15 September 2020: Pureprofile Limited (ASX: PPL) today announced the re-launch of its media business as Pure.amplify, to be headed by industry veteran Tasneem Ali.
Based on the strong foundations of Pureprofile media, Pure.amplify takes a unique-in-market approach to ensuring clients achieve their marketing goals; undertaking proprietary market research and customer journey mapping, and developing holistic strategies that oversee programmatic advertising, media buying and audience insights.
Pure.amplify will leverage its unique position as the only media company to be part of a global data and insights business. Its independent trading desk will provide access to the highest performing DMPs, DSPs and adtech platforms, and its customised dashboards will offer vital metrics for clients at every touch-point.
Pureprofile CEO, Martin Filz commented: “We are delighted to add Pure.amplify to the Pureprofile family; a business that is set to put the personal into the programmatic and get to the heart of brand identity. The business will not only oversee programmatic advertising, digital and online marketing and advertising, but will also leverage first-party, declared data to provide deeper, richer ways to target consumers via digital media.”
Originally launched in 2009 as Sparcmedia, the business became one of Australia’s first independent trading desks. Sparcmedia’s media arm was acquired in 2015 by technology and consumer research business Pureprofile, and is today being launched as Pure.amplify. 
New head of Pure.amplify, Tasneem Ali, joined Pureprofile in March 2020, tasked with re-imagining the way Pureprofile can support client digital advertising strategies. She was most recently at global marketing technology platform FreakOut, where she was ANZ Lead – Video Supply and Demand. She brings over 15 years in media leadership, with a focus on digital strategy development, management and implementation. 
Ms Ali said: “Digital advertising is about to undergo one of the most significant transformations of the decade. In a cookie-less world, the role of independent media platforms like Pure.amplify will be increasingly essential. As the media arm of a global data and insights business, our goal is to help our clients discover and capitalise on vital audience data. From who an audience is, to what they value and where they spend their money – Pure.amplify provides a new level of customer understanding and actionable insights that enable marketing teams to optimise strategies like never before.”

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About Pure.amplify
With a strong pedigree, Pure.amplify was born out of a desire to bring a human touch to the digital advertising landscape. Our vision is to use first-party, declared data to provide deeper, richer ways to target consumers via digital media.
About Pureprofile
Pureprofile Limited (ASX: PPL) connects businesses with empowered consumers across the world by connecting, understanding and engaging them through direct-to-consumer technology platforms. Pureprofile is a global leader in consumer research, data and insights and programmatic media. Pureprofile delivers next-generation marketing solutions for more than 500 brands, publishers and research groups worldwide.
Media contact:
Lisa Banks for Pureprofile
+61 466 787 138

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