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PRESS RELEASE: Pureprofile partners with blockchain company Brontech – offering consumers another way to monetise their data

12 June, 2018 | 

Posted at 11:31 am 

by Pureprofile 

Global media and technology company Pureprofile (ASX: PPL) has partnered with Brontech, an award-winning blockchain data company.

From Q3, 2018, Pureprofile members will be able to connect their Bron Rewards transactional data to their profile. This will allow research to be offered to members based on their purchase history and this data will be appended to existing research. Later this year, Pureprofile surveys will be embedded in Bron Rewards’ consumer app, enabling Bron Rewards users to answer research questionnaires.

Bron Rewards provides rewards to consumers who share their transactional data through the consumer app. This data is used for studying the consumer market and developing market insights. To date, over $40 million worth of transactions have been tracked through the Bron Rewards platform. The transactional data is complemented with granular demographics and behavioural data that is used to further develop accurate market insights.

Pureprofile prides itself on connecting brands with engaged customers and shifting the paradigm from a one-sided conversation to a two-way value exchange between brands and consumers. By harnessing Brontech users opinions through Pureprofile campaigns, brands and advertisers will have access to rich insights and data from new and innovative resources.

Pureprofile Chief Executive Officer, Nic Jones, said: “Brands are increasingly realising the importance of data to better acquire, engage and retain customers. At the same time consumers are also realising that their data is valuable. Pureprofile sits at the nexus of these trends connecting brands and consumers through data and insights. We’re excited to announce the partnership to reward more consumers through their personal data. Consumers are beginning to realise the full potential of owning their data and the benefit of having their data work for them.”

Bron Rewards’ Founder and Managing Director, Emma Poposka said: “We are excited to partner with Pureprofile and give our members the ability to earn even more value from their data. We are also excited for our clients to gain deeper insights due to Pureprofile’s proven track record in the research space.”
This partnership, along with others announced earlier this year, provides greater scale and access to real-time, opted-in consumer data that connects brands and publishers with the right audiences.

The 2018 announcements include geoTribes and Raiz Invest: in May 2018 Pureprofile partnered with RDA Research’s geoTribes –  a unique classification system that rivals traditional geodemographic approaches, by grouping consumers into fifteen ‘tribes’ based on their life stage and socio-economic status.
In April 2018 Pureprofile partnered with Raiz Invest (previously Acorns) allowing Pureprofile’s Australian users to redeem their cash earned from completing questions and surveys into their Raiz investment account. Later this year, Pureprofile surveys will be made available on the Raiz platform, allowing Raiz users to boost their investments by participating in surveys and having their cash rewards directly deposited into their Acorns investment account.

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