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PRESS RELEASE: Pureprofile shakes up NZ research market with new panel launch

27 May, 2016 | 

Posted at 12:43 am 

by Pureprofile 

Australia’s leading data and insights provider has set its sights on New Zealand, launching a new research panel in partnership with fuel rewards program AA Smartfuel.

The Pureprofile New Zealand panel is built from the AA Smartfuel’s 2.1m cardholders – which covers more than half the NZ population over the age of 16 – and is backed by one of the largest, most engaged loyalty programs in the country.

Combining Pureprofile’s best-in-class panel management and consumer profiling technology with AA Smartfuel’s deep engagement with New Zealanders, the panel gives cardholders accelerated fuel discounts for participating in online surveys.

 This innovative approach is already gaining a significant following among NZ consumers, creating a highly responsive, deeply profiled panel that is continuing to attract new members every day.

 This new approach to the rewards model means Pureprofile and AA Smartfuel have been able to quickly launch and scale a large, nationally-representative consumer research panel that delivers quality data.

 How it works:

  • Members sign up to www.pureprofile.com/ – by invite, referral or the Pureprofile homepage

  • They build their profiles by answering questions about their attributes, purchases and preferences

  • Pureprofile uses this profile data to match them to market research campaigns, insights and content

  • AA Smartfuel cardholders and AA Members earn bonus AA Smartfuel discounts which can be redeemed at BP or Caltex stations nationwide.

 Pureprofile CEO Paul Chan says: “Pureprofile has been a market-leader in online research in Australia for more than a decade, and now we’re bringing the same unique approach to New Zealand.

 “I’m delighted to be partnering with AA Smartfuel to build the largest and most responsive consumer panel in New Zealand, giving researchers and marketers easy access to highly-engaged consumers who want to share their opinions.

 “AA Smartfuel is a household name in New Zealand, and complements Pureprofile’s technology perfectly to offer consumers a great way to save even more money by earning fuel discounts for participating in research that helps shape the products and services they use.”

 Ian Sutcliffe, Director of AA Smartfuel, says: “The launch of Pureprofile in partnership with AA Smartfuel is a first for the New Zealand market and is a fantastic way for motorists to earn even more discounts off their fuel.

“Our cardholders are smart, engaged and represent a large proportion of New Zealand consumers. We’re excited to be partnering with Pureprofile to give our cardholders a place to have their say while being fairly rewarded for participating in valuable consumer research.”

Pureprofile hires New Zealand Account Director
As part of Pureprofile’s focus on New Zealand, the company is also pleased to announce it has hired a new Account Director, Emily Bing, who will focus solely on helping NZ clients deliver market-leading research projects.

Emily, a qualified practising market researcher, has more than 12 years’ experience in the research industry, working across a diverse range of sectors, client portfolios and projects, including social research and government, tourism, tertiary education, finance and insurance.

 Emily says: “I’m really excited about being part of Pureprofile’s launch in New Zealand. The company’s commitment to innovation and the consumer survey experience is incredible, and I’m really looking forward to helping tell the fascinating Pureprofile story to the NZ market.”


  • Sign up to the New Zealand panel here.
  • Find out how Pureprofile New Zealand can help your business here.
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