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Pureprofile adds CleanID for better security and pristine data

2 February, 2022 | 

Posted at 1:22 am 

by Pureprofile 

Sydney, 2 February, 2022 – Pureprofile Limited (ASX: PPL) has today announced the addition of data security solution, CleanID to their operations, following the completion of a successful pilot. Developed by OpinionRoute, CleanID is a best-in-class fraud and duplication detection system built to analyse and identify device level attributes to eliminate known data threats in real time.

With data quality continuing to be a major industry focus, Pureprofile employs extensive fraud detection and prevention measures to ensure it prioritises the collection of clean and accurate data for every single project. From rigorous profile validation and extensive cross-checking of the information provided by each respondent, to continual automated scanning of device data to verify the identity of each member, Pureprofile clients can be assured that respondents are providing the highest-quality datasets from which to draw meaningful insights.

The company’s commitment to providing efficient, reliable, honest and high-quality data spans more than 20 years. In 2019, Pureprofile formed their Quality Assurance team to provide around the clock data quality monitoring. The team went on to build out Pureprofile’s unique set of quality assurance measures as well.  This dedication to clean data has been recognised by the research industry, with Pureprofile being named as a 2021 Forsta AIR (Achievement in Insight and Research) Award Agency winner.

CleanID elevates the company’s security measures by incorporating an expansive set of flags and super flags to block bad clicks, easily adjustable quality settings, and real-time benchmarked industry data. The solution complements existing measures in place at Pureprofile to drive better samples and achieve the highest quality data sets possible. Its seamless integration has enhanced Pureprofile’s industry-leading member experience.

Pureprofile intends to incorporate CleanID in all of the company’s studies and analysis in the coming months.

“Our core responsibility is to ensure high-quality data, and our dedicated Quality Assurance team upholds this by delivering surveys that adhere to our extensive checklist and by applying robust anti-fraud measures,” said Pureprofile Head of Global Operations, Lorrie Yeung.

“Through CleanID’s Quality-as-a-Service platform, Pureprofile has the opportunity to provide an additional layer of security with minimal change to our current system, so that we can continue to provide reliable and honest data to our clients.”

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About Pureprofile

Pureprofile’s vision is to deliver more value from the world’s information.

We are a global data and insights organisation providing industry-leading online research solutions to agencies, marketers, researchers and brands & businesses.

Our research delivers rich insights into real human behaviour and provides the “Why” behind the “What” through our unique ResTech and SaaS solutions. We build in-depth profiles of consumers via our proprietary and partner panels and give businesses the ability to understand, target, and ultimately engage with their audiences.

The Company, founded in 2000 and based in Surry Hills, Australia, now operates in North America, Europe and APAC and has delivered solutions for over 750 clients.

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Beroze Dubash for Pureprofile
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