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Pureprofile integrates SampleNinja’s panel management solution for streamlined global coverage

16 March, 2022 | 

Posted at 1:28 am 

by Pureprofile 

London, 16 March, 2022 – Pureprofile Limited (ASX: PPL) has today announced the integration of next generation panel management software from solutions provider, SampleNinja. The partnership allows Pureprofile to deliver streamlined global coverage utilising best-in-class technology and continue to launch responsive, deeply-profiled research panels. 

The integration will also allow Pureprofile to further enhance its panel management capabilities in recruitment programmes, profiling, sampling and rewards. The rollout will begin with Pureprofile’s European panels with plans to expand across APAC and the USA. 

Pureprofile’s industry leading data collection systems will seamlessly integrate with SampleNinja technology, allowing clients to access deeper and more meaningful insights on consumer thoughts and behaviours. Businesses will be able to harness this information to make more informed decisions about their products and services. 

The adoption of SampleNinja further builds on Pureprofile’s recent implementation of data security solutions, CleanID. Together these systems ensure that  Pureprofile is able to continue to deliver the best quality data to their more than 700 clients globally.

Pureprofile CEO, Martin Filz said “SampleNinja is the most innovative, modern and flexible platform that we have evaluated. Most importantly, the team is fantastic to work with and we’re pleased to have developed a true partnership with a mutual goal. This alliance will accelerate our plans for global expansion, business efficiencies, improved panellist engagement and optimise client deliverables.”

Chief Executive of SampleNinja, Tariq Mirza said “SampleNinja is incredibly honoured to be chosen as the panel management platform of choice by Pureprofile. The company has incredible global gravitas and we are growing and innovating alongside them as they look to enhance and expand their quality-driven, global panel portfolios.” 

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About Pureprofile

Pureprofile’s vision is to deliver more value from the world’s information.

We are a global data and insights organisation providing industry-leading online research solutions to agencies, marketers, researchers and brands & businesses.

Our research delivers rich insights into real human behaviour and provides the “Why” behind the “What” through our unique ResTech and SaaS solutions. We build in-depth profiles of consumers via our proprietary and partner panels and give businesses the ability to understand, target, and ultimately engage with their audiences.

The Company, founded in 2000 and based in Surry Hills, Australia, now operates in North America, Europe and APAC and has delivered solutions for over 850 clients.

About SampleNinja

SampleNinja was founded and driven by two industry experts with 40+ years of combined experience in the MR technology space who have previously built and delivered best in class survey and panel management software. This duo has been working together since 2010 to make market research better for everyone.

Their objective is to revolutionise how people work by offering the Most Effective Panel Management industry solution using the latest cloud technologies for unparalleled speed, security and scalability.

They delivered game-changing innovations such as Intelligent Auto-Sampling, Dynamic Profiling and Comprehensive ROI reporting into the marketplace which is propelling their business forward.

Media contact:

Tim Potter for Pureprofile UK / EU / US
+44 (0)783 3702 450

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