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The University of Sydney: Australians support mandatory COVID-19 vaccine – survey

12 May, 2021 | 

Originally published: The University of Sydney, 10 May 2021

New study finds wide support for a government mandate

Three-quarters of Australians would support a government requirement to be vaccinated in order to work, travel or study. This number is higher than the number of Australians who would agree to the vaccine voluntarily, a survey has found.

A study by The University of Sydney and The University of Western Australia has found three-quarters of Australians would support a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for work, study and travel. It’s the first data on public attitudes towards a mandate.

Declaration: No existing academic studies in the Australian or global context have examined population attitudes towards making the COVID-19 vaccination mandatory, nor have they followed the changing attitudes towards vaccination (and mandates) of a panel of respondents before and after the commencement of the pandemic. This research received no funding. The survey data for this project was collected and provided by Pureprofile.

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