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UK Election 2024 — A Nation Divided on Change

2 July, 2024 | 

Originally published: Medium, 29 June 2024

Later this week UK voters will take part in what promises to be the most dramatic election since 1997, when Labour ousted the Conservatives in a landslide victory.

A recent poll by survey tool OPPi of 1,004 working adults showed that, while Labour enjoys a significant lead, a quarter of poll respondents had yet to make up their minds.

With Labour on 35.26 per cent and the Conservatives on 17.29 per cent, the ‘undecided’ vote could still have a massive influence on the result. Meanwhile the right wing Reform UK party (formerly the Brexit Party), with an impressive 9 per cent support, is eating away at the Conservative vote in many important constituencies.

In this article, we analyse the poll results to predict how this fascinating and historic election will pan out, focusing on voters’ most pressing issues.

This poll was run by OPPi, a participatory survey tool with headquarters in the UK. and co-sponsored by Pureprofile, a data & insights company.

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