Australasian Leisure Management: Pureprofile research reveals behaviours, habits, and motivations behind fitness

Originally published: Australasian Leisure Management, 4 April 2019

A new study by global data and insights company Pureprofile, has revealed the behaviours, habits and motivations of Australians’ approach to fitness. The study looks at the reasons why Australians – across all age groups – exercise and the price of keeping fit.

The study found on average, millennials spend $1,020 per year to keep fit with five per cent investing over $3600 a year on gyms, fitness classes, smartwatches and exercise apps.

Most people, including Baby Boomers, nominate overall wellness and health, and the positive impact on mental health as the most tangible and intangible reasons they exercise, respectively.

Dr Uwana Evers, Pureprofile data scientist, said the study showed how much Australians valued their health and wellbeing, and that technology was playing a pivotal role in helping them stay fit, advising “our study has shown that most Australians will find a way to keep healthy even if they can’t make it to the gym.

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