Body and Soul: The shocking amount the average Millennial spends on trying to get fit

Originally published: Body and Soul, 8 April 2019

If you’re a Millennial who is currently wondering why they’re still not able to afford that home loan, let us tell you that your addiction to avo, UberEats and Saturday brunch are probably not the major culprits. According to a new study by data and insights company Pureprofile, your exercise obsession might be to blame.

The findings, published in the Australian Fitness Report 2019, revealed five per cent of Aussie Millennials spend more than $3,600 a year on gyms, fitness classes, smartwatches and exercise apps. And if you don’t consider yourself part of that fiver per cent, the research also found on average, Millennials spend $1,020 per year to keep fit.

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