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CAMPAIGN BRIEF: Cook Islands programmatic campaign study

CAMPAIGN BRIEF: Cook Islands programmatic campaign study

Cook Islands programmatic campaign study shows 20% online ad recall, 3% increase in Australians wanting to visit the Islands

Originally published: Campaign Brief, 17 August 2017

Sparcmedia ran a month long programmatic advertising campaign in April 2017 and included video, search and display ads across web and social targeting Australians and New Zealanders across all ages and regions. In addition, custom audience segments were built in a data management platform (DMP) to reach psychographic-based consumer segments interested in adventurous travel.

The campaign was backed by an online pre and post campaign survey conducted by parent company Pureprofile – an online profile marketing and insights technology business. The survey measured the key objectives of the campaign: the advertising impact on raising brand awareness; and whether the Cook Islands were now being recognised as an adventurous destination rather than a resort island. Read more >