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Delivery delays during holiday season could damage brands’ reputation – survey

23 December, 2021 | 

Originally published: Channel Life Australia, 09 December 2021

Businesses need to ensure consumers are aware of the cutoff points for package deliveries before the holiday season, or they risk losing customers.
A recent survey of Australian consumers found that 27% would not purchase from a retailer again if their package was not delivered in time for the upcoming holidays.
The overarching supply chain and delivery delays are also creating headaches in the leadup to the holiday season, creating some discontent amongst consumers who believe that delayed shipments could damage trust (15%), while 12% believe that retailers should be responsible for ensuring packages are delivered in a timely manner.
Pureprofile, on behalf of GBG, surveyed 1,028 Australian consumers in November 2021, to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on consumers’ shopping plans and behaviour for this year’s holiday shopping season.  GBG works with more than 20,000 customers across more than 70 countries.
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Stay up to date with our latest news, insights and trends reports