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Auckland Arts Festival

Leveraging Pureprofile technology to uncover crucial insights


Increase visitor conversion rates

Auckland Arts Festival were looking to increase conversion rates among website visitors who had expressed interest in the 2019 festival. In order to achieve this, they first needed to understand the following:

  • Proportion of website visitors who were ticket purchasers as compared to those who were undecided about attending the festival
  • Consumer sentiment towards the festival lineup and event schedule
  • Barriers to ticket purchase

We created simple, integrated surveys that dialed up engagement

Using Pureprofile’s website survey solution, we published branded surveys to the festival website.

audience segments

Created simple, on-brand surveys

customer journey

Integrated the surveys onto their events page, to ensure that they were only asking feedback from the most engaged website visitors

impact study

Asked a range of in-depth questions to facilitate truthful, detailed feedback


We enhanced the website as a sales channel

This allowed the Auckland Arts team to collect the real preferences and opinions of their customers.

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