Customer Insights Platform

A next-generation data and insights solution

Put customers at the centre of your business


Engage your
digital community

An interactive experience to captivate your customers.

Centralise your
customer data

Fuse declared and third party data to create a single customer view.

Activate insights
on demand

Integrated dashboards provide insights to distribute where and when you need it.

Own your
customer data

This asset integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

Engage your digital community

Why guess when you can ask?

Understand the why behind customer intent by asking questions to real people.

Deepen your understanding of the customer journey

Monitor engagements with your customers at all stages of the buyer journey.

Guide internal stakeholders

Leverage insights to define the right goals for your business. Listen to your community to influence new products, messaging and design.

Connected Consumer Experience

Why guess when you can ask?
Discover new insights to deepen the customer experience

Plug and play

Our intuitive user interface and robust APIs allow you to get started in days, not years


Fully customisable layout

Easily add in your company colours, fonts, and branding elements to create a one-to-one brand experience.

Seamless survey design

Build your own questions and answers, or leverage our programming expertise.

Actionable insights

Quickly action key insights in real-time via interactive dashboards.

Data and insights where and when you need it

Activate your customer-centric business.

Platform Solutions

Consumer Insights Platfrom Dashboard

Community engagement

Panel applications

Native mobile applications

Mobile SDKs

Embedded widgets

Customisable template styling

Data management tools

Survey tool

Tag and pixel management to track ad measurement

Email marketing

Widget application


Insights centre


Panel health

Business intelligence

Brand impact studies

Use cases

Consumer Insights Platform

Placeholder for case study

Consumer Insights Platform

Placeholder for case study

Consumer Insights Platform

Placeholder for case study

Key platform benefits

Create a single source of truth on your customers

Access additional insights and transactional data via our partnerships

Create new revenue streams

Engage with your customers as they evolve over time

Give consumers control of their data using leading global data privacy initiatives

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