Dynamic Business: Let’s talk Generational Gap

Dynamic Business: Let’s talk Generational Gap

Originally published: Dynamic Business, 27 March 2019

With millennials (currently people aged around 23-37) starting to fill up the majority of work spaces, there is a definite change of culture that is shifting the way businesses operate, work and think.

A desire for flexibility, autonomy and social inclusion brings in a creative way of working that may challenge leaders of other generations, and this can present ‘generational gap’ challenges if leaders fail to embrace the new workforce priorities.

EJ Guren, Head of Marketing & Communications at Pureprofile, describes millennials as “natural innovators” and highlights that “innovation, diversity and collaboration are vital for a company to thrive;” millennials are at the forefront of driving diversity and creativity at work and this can push businesses further in terms of their success.

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