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Let’s talk – Tips for achieving a better online customer experience

14 October, 2021 | 

Originally published: Dynamic Business, 13 October 2021

Martin Filz, CEO Pureprofile

Creating emotional connections with your customers online requires more than a slick website. You need the right technology and processes to build a seamless customer journey, which engenders confidence, loyalty and repeat sales.

Let’s talk…

“Through our research with IAB, Pureprofile discovered that two-thirds of Australians use their smartphones to shop online, so making sure that your e-commerce platform is compatible with all devices is fundamental. Only 36% of Australians plan to return to in-person shopping, so e-commerce platforms will need to be constantly updated with the latest functionalities.

“The customer experience starts well before the ‘add to cart’ process. With 70% of online shoppers using search engines to discover brands, the way your customers are finding you is having a significant impact on their overall experience. It is worth noting that consumers are actively seeking out recommendations through search and social media as well. Contact details need to be front and centre on your website; consumers don’t want to have to search too hard for this. Free shipping, discounts, environmental friendliness and ethical, local sourcing were also found to be especially important.

“If you offer these, or they are built into the workings of your company, now is the time to tell your customers and make them feel even better about shopping with you.”

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Stay up to date with our latest news, insights and trends reports