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Saving the planet and bettering human health one pan at a time

3 December, 2021 | 

Originally published: Eco Voice, 22 November 2021

A dangerous chemical found in everyday items like food packaging, some cosmetics and non-stick pans is having detrimental effects on the environment.  This comes as one in four (26%) Aussie consumers admit they had no idea pots and pans could cause harm to the planet [1].
The group of man-made chemicals that go by the name PFAS, have been dubbed the ‘forever chemical’, as its sheer permanency means it never biodegrades and is now everywhere in the environment, seeping into waterways and soil[2]. In fact, almost all PFAS that has been produced still lingers on our planet to this day[3].
PFAS is toxic to fish and some animals and unfortunately is absorbed quickly by the human body, leading to damage to our immune system2. PFAS has also been linked with causing cancers, obesity, fertility problems and if absorbed by pregnant women can result in underweight births and birth defects.
[1] The research was conducted by Pureprofile on a representative sample of 1,011 Australians 18 years and older. The survey was conducted on behalf of The Cookware Company.
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