Marketing mag: Bridging the research and CX gap – the winning marketer of tomorrow

Originally published: Marketing mag, 15 April 2019

Customers’ of today – an enigma to the modern marketer. How do we personalise at scale? Why do our insights decay so quickly? What is their relationship with our brand? EJ Guren’s answer: just ask them.

In today’s experience economy consumers are more empowered, and have more choices and less brand loyalty than ever. Many organisations are only just starting to understand the challenge of meeting customer expectations and orienting themselves around customer experience (CX) and feedback. The marketers that bridge that gap will win the future of the industry.

Through Pureprofile’s platform we stitched together the disparate customer touch points to build a universal profile view. We then enriched profiles by asking customers for feedback about their service interactions with the brand. Democratising actionable insights across the organisation resulted in changes to the way the brand engaged with its customers – even the front-line sales staff in dealerships are now actively asking HQ for more insights so they can change the way their teams engage with customers and better structure how service works.

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