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The 2021 financial year: ‘It’s been a mixed bag’

1 July, 2021 | 

Originally published: Mumbrella, 01 July 2021

Today marks the start of a new financial year, and the end of the first full financial year Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed companies have had to deal with COVID-19, closed borders, lockdowns and more. 

Here, the Mumbrella team takes a look at the highs and lows of the past 12 months for listed advertising, marketing, media and research companies.

Pureprofile (PPL)

Research, data and insights and media company, Pureprofile, started off the 2021 financial year with a new CEO, Martin Filz, a significant amount of debt and a poor balance sheet.

What has transpired in the 12 months since has been significant, and has seen its share price jump from $0.005 at start of FY21 to $0.031 in May. As of yesterday it is sitting at $0.027.

As Filz told Mumbrella during a recent Mumbrellacast his first focus was to “remove the debt” and secondly to be “laser-focused on the core business” that is the data and insights, and media.

By September 2020, Pureprofile announced a re-launch of its media business Pure.amplify to be headed by Tasneem Ali.

By December, Filz and the board had undertaken a major recapitalisation worth $18.8 million and raised $3.5 million for future growth and investment. This was shortly followed by Q2 results, which revealed a record quarter for the company, including a 26% increase in revenue year-on-year to $8.2 million. Additionally, the results included a significant upturn in EBITDA, which was up 866% to $0.7 million.

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