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JCDecaux’s perceived value research – airport advertising

9 December, 2021 | 

Originally published: OOH MAA, 08 December 2021

Airport advertising has long been known to transfer an increased perception of prestige and value to any brand in the airport environment.

In the wake of the pandemic, much changed about air travel and the airport environment- but not the perception of increased value. For the 2021 Perceived Value study, JCDecaux Airport partnered with Researchbods to test how the choice of an advertising medium can influence consumer perception of a brand. 5000 nationally representative individuals from five countries (UK, US, France, Germany and China) were recruited for an updated study.

JCDecaux New Zealand replicated the same study to see whether the same prestige and value would hold true for our New Zealand audiences. The research was conducted with Pureprofile and a sample of 1000 respondents across the different advertising environments. We were unsurprised by the data which produced very similar results to both studies attributing a high perceived value and prestige to airport formats.
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