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Schemes expect substantial rise in allocations to illiquids

8 September, 2021 | 

Originally published: Professional Pensions, 6 September 2021

Some 85% of pension investors expect schemes to increase allocations over the next three years

UK pension schemes are increasing their allocations to illiquid assets thanks to greater transparency around the assets as well as increasing opportunities and diversification benefits, research from Alpha Real Capital shows.

The real assets manager said its survey of 100 UK professional pension fund investors – conducted during August by polling company Pureprofile – found that 85% expected the scheme they work for to increase its allocation to illiquid assets over the next three years, with 7% expecting a significant rise.
Alpha’s research shows the main reason for increasing interest in illiquid assets is greater transparency around the asset class, with 79% saying they are increasing allocations because of that. However, 69% say increased opportunities to invest in illiquid assets is driving interest.
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