Celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Queen's platinum jubilee celebrations

The British monarchy has been a long-established institution that has historically faced untold scrutiny and scandal. In spite of this, it’s an institution that has brought people in the UK together during troubled times and provided cause for celebration, the upcoming Queen’s Platinum Jubilee being the next event.  As the longest serving monarch in British […]

Fuel price hikes: How it looks at the bowser

Fuel nozzle

Recent spikes in fuel prices have placed enormous strain on consumers globally – and pressure on governments to provide financial relief.  We asked 2,539 people, taken from nationally representative samples from the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and New Zealand, how price hikes are affecting their hip pockets. Here’s what we found: The average price […]

Impacts of changing interest rates

interest rate

With interest rates in constant fluctuation, it is easy to forget the real-world effects these have on consumers. Many individuals’ futures are shaped by these changes, with its impacts cascading onto businesses and general society. What would you do if interest rates took a hike? We asked a group of 2,025 people, taken from nationally […]

How truly representative is Nat Rep?

Crowd of people

By Rebecca Mansley, Head of Data & Insights UK To answer this question, we need to define what Nationally Representative, or ‘Nat Rep’ is. When we discuss Nat Rep, we mean that the sample source of interest for a study reflects the population of the country in terms of gender, age, region, and socioeconomic group […]

Australian federal politics

Federal Politics

For Australians, a lot has changed since Scott Morrison won the Prime Ministership in 2019. From environmental catastrophes to a global health emergency, how will people navigate which party to vote for in 2022? We asked 561 Australian panel members for their take on federal politics in the lead up to the next election. Here […]

Valentine’s Day – Insights into love

Valentine’s Day Insights into love

Valentine’s Day, a charming tradition for expressing love and affection that’s been celebrated around the world for centuries. Year after year it’s widely debated whether Valentine’s Day still carries the same purpose or has become a hallmark holiday, completely driven by consumerism. Even so, is there really any harm in doing something special for our […]