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Kicking off Euro 2024

12 June, 2024 | 

As the Euro 2024 tournament approaches, football fever is sweeping across Europe! Passionate football fans are gearing up for the exhilarating highs and heartbreaking lows that come with each match. 

The emotional journey is intense, with fans poised to cheer, cry, and celebrate their teams.

We asked 1,970 football fans in England, Scotland, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands about their excitement for Euro 2024 and their hopes for their national team’s journey to the finals. Here’s what we uncovered:

Most matches will be viewed live on TV at home or with friends & family: Portuguese (79%), Germans (68%), Dutch (66%), Belgians (61%), Spaniards (59%), Scots (55%) and English (53%)

are the top item that fans will consider buying

Who is the most confident they will reach the finals? Portuguese (48%), Spaniards (35%), English (25%), Germans (25%), Belgians (20%), Dutch (19%), Scots (13%)

32% of Dutch fans plan to watch 16 matches or more, compared to Germans (30%), English (28%), Portuguese (27%), Belgians (25%), Scots (22%) and Spaniards (20%)

48% of Portuguese fans will watch match highlights on social media, followed by Spaniards (42%), Scots (32%), Belgians (28%), Dutch (25%), English (23%) and Germans (22%)

The infographic below represents our key findings from the research:

Euro 2024 infographic
Kicking off Euro 2024
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