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Exploring the key considerations for a successful CBRW talent strategy


Understanding the adoption of Cross-Border Remote Work to provide guidance

The adoption of Cross-Border Remote Work (CBRW) has been gaining momentum over recent years, with employees benefiting from the flexibility in where and how to work, and employers tapping into global talent pools. In a post-pandemic world, companies must prepare for the challenges that come with a ‘return to office’ policy. In order to provide guidance and recommendations to business and HR leaders, HCLI needed to investigate the following:

  • The extent to which organisations have adopted CBRW
  • Benefits and challenges of CBRW
  • Attributes that CBRW employees would need to be successful in their roles
  • Key implications of CBRW for organisations

Connecting with highly profiled panels to uncover post-pandemic shifts in work processes

An in-depth quantitative study was launched using Pureprofile’s panel. This complemented the qualitative research that had been conducted by HCLI through interviews in order to fully capture the nuances and dynamics of CBRW. This was achieved by:

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Leveraging and providing highly profiled panellists to identify CBRW adopters

Our project management teams defined the relevant respondents from a wide range of organisations, ensuring SMEs, MNCs, local companies and the public sector were covered.

Providing quality assurance to draw meaningful insights

Using our stringent data quality detection, CleanID, we ensured clean and accurate data was collected for close-ended answers from respondents before analysis.


Measuring the scale of adoption and readiness to build on the future of CBRW

HCLI used the survey findings to develop an organisation-focused framework that lays the foundation for a sustainable CBRW ecosystem. The report allowed HCLI to:

Identify the opportunities and challenges of CBRW adoption across different size companies, organisations and industries

Understand the digital, social, intercultural, and functional skills attributes needed from employees to thrive in a CBRW environment

Provide recommendations to clients on managing processes and workforce enhancements

Use evidence-based research to present itself as a leading authority

Key research findings​

3 in 4 employees said that their companies already have or are intending to adopt CBRW soon

45% of respondents in the IT industry have more than 60% of their organisation engaging in CBRW

MNCs have been the greatest adopters of CBRW with 59% that have already adopted and 25% intending to adopt

The top 3 challenges of CBRW are: managing time zone differences; distractions; and unplugging after work

The accurate and high-quality data they provided was crucial for our research analyses

We had a delightful experience collaborating with Pureprofile, which has been nothing short of impressive. We were fortunate to connect with the Pureprofile team, who helped deliver respondents at scale and within our tight timeframe. The accurate and high-quality data they provided was crucial for our research analyses. We look forward to future collaborations!

Lead Researcher, Human Capital Leadership Institute

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