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Determining taste preferences and consumption habits for future development


Identifying and understanding specific target audiences and their preferences

Servero sought a research partner that could facilitate access to a diverse range of age groups, including parents of children aged 3-12. It aimed to enhance Servero’s understanding of the evolving taste preferences throughout different stages of development:

  • Preferences for flavours, combinations and packaging choices
  • Interest in new flavour combinations and herbs
  • Differences in preferences by age groups – fruit, vegetable, dairy or plant based products
  • Health and lifestyle choices and their impact on purchase decisions

Gaining in-depth consumer insights for future development

A national study was launched that provided Servero with access to consumers of a wide age range and parents of young children. The in-depth research would provide new insights on flavour variations and purchase decisions. This was achieved by:

Identifying relevant audiences from a deeply profiled panel

Our Research Expert built unique audiences from our panel of adults and parents of young children who are consumers of healthy food products.

Designing robust,

2 surveys were developed to connect Servero with its target audiences to capture preferences for flavour combinations, interest in new ingredients and purchase choices.

Providing analytical reporting to guide product development

The data collected and analysed allowed Servero to segment the responses by age, helping to identify key differences between younger and older children so Servero could tailor its offerings.


Developing a successful product strategy built on comprehensive research

By engaging with the appropriate target audiences for its product category and analysing their flavour preferences, motivations, and interests, Servero was able to:

Gain deep insights into new target audiences and devise a suitable product strategy tailored to different age groups

Understand consumer behaviour related to purchase decisions and lifestyle choices

Acquire knowledge about consumer preferences to guide future product and packaging development initiatives and identify gaps or unmet needs

Dare to do things differently

Servero is a children’s food brand that’s known for its pure and innovative flavours and healthy ranges.
Every Servero recipe originates from the Servero Food Lab, where fruit and vegetable experts dedicate up to a year refining food ingredients.

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