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Pet Circle

Helping pet parents pet better


Shedding light on pet parent spending habits

The cost of maintaining a happy and healthy pet is on the rise – with pet expenses increasing each year.

Pet Circle wanted to help pet parents understand how they could save money on their pet expenses, but still ensure they get what they need. So they were looking to identify:

  • Exactly how much pet parents were spending on their pets each year
  • What the expenses comprised
  • Spending habits of pet parents to see where the opportunities were to save

To achieve this, Pet Circle were in need of a specialist research partner that could provide direct access to verified pet parents in Australia.


Providing tangible insights via a specialist panel of verified pet parents

An in-depth research study was launched to identify pet parents’ spending habits in Australia. This was achieved by:


Connecting to niche research audiences

We were able to instantly connect Pet Circle to Pureprofile’s audience of self-verified pet owners, eliminating unnecessary project costs as there was no need for custom audience creation or additional screening questions

Curating in-depth insights for the pet parenting community

In order for Pet Circle to provide practical guidance on how to save on pet-related costs, a robust study was launched - asking pet parents a range of detailed questions about how they care for their pets


Cementing Pet Circle’s position as THE resource for in-depth, relevant information relating to pet care​

By connecting to the right audience – and asking them the questions that are most important to pet care –
Pet Circle were able to:

Use the research to drive earned media coverage and raise Pet Circle’s brand awareness

Including its unique offering and its commitment to helping pet parents to pet better. The research was covered across a wide range of media publications, from lifestyle to financial news. There were 32 pieces of coverage in total, with a total reach of 24.7m

Use the insights to create tips
on how to budget better
for your pet

This content was featured across social media and in a Pet Circle Vet Squad article that was distributed to customers to assist them with pet parenting.

Key research findings

Icon Pet House

The average dog owner spent $3,350 on their pet last year - compared to just $2,377 spent on the typical cat …

Cat and Dog
Icon Pet Toys

Food and veterinary care were the most significant expenses for pet parents, with dog owners spending an average of $612 on food and $640 on vet services each year

Icon Pet Bowl

… this amounts to $33,500 for an average 10-year lifespan for a dog and $28,524 for an average 12-year lifespan for a cat

Pet Shopping cart Icon

Only 1/5 of pet parents ask for the best price when shopping for pet products, and only about 30% compare prices before making a purchase

Pet Circle logo

Creating robust research together to give pet parents the best information

Pureprofile worked in partnership with our PR and data team to ensure that we produced a robust piece of research that had media relevance and longevity. It not only allowed us to position ourselves as a leading pet retailer in media, we were also able to use the research to provide genuine advice and tips to our customers to help them pet better, which is the core of our mission.

Larissa Rembisz, PR Manager, Pet Circle

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