Sky News Australia/MCN

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Sky News Australia and its advertising sales representative MCN wanted to demonstrate the power of TV news in influencing business leaders. They also wanted to develop a strong understanding of Sky News’ viewer habits and to gain insight into key, decision-making audiences.


Audience personalisation

A highly targeted audience of business leaders across Australia including c-suite members, senior executives, and company owners.

Quantitative research deployment

Pureprofile’s team of experienced in-house programmers designed and deployed an innovative, mobile-first survey to maximise engagement from what is a traditionally hard-to-reach audience.

Data processing and delivery

Data was processed, collated and crafted into in an easy-to-use format, perfectly presented to suit Sky News/MCN’s specific needs and requirements.

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  • The research helped Sky News understand and quantify its highly influential audiences
  • The data formed the basis for presentations during a major roadshow to clients and media agency stakeholders
  • It directly led to additional revenue from a governing body who wanted to reach Sky News’ influential audience – based on the findings of the research.

“Pureprofile’s research gave us permission to talk to our clients about Sky News C-Suite audience in a knowledgeable and powerful way, stimulating additional revenue from clients who could now better understand Sky News audience. Not only did it help us hone our sales approach with quantifiable data, our sales teams have great feedback and the research has been used in various situations, from internal presentations to external events.”


Sarah Tucker, Head of Marketing and Communications, MCN