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eMarketer: Global Influencer Report

eMarketer: Global Influencer Report

Originally published: eMarketer, 23 July 2018

Data from the Pureprofile / We Are Social report has been featured in the eMarketer Global Influencer Report (July 2018). Uncover the impact that Influencers have on Australians:

Excerpt: Close to 45% of respondents in Pureprofile’s survey, for instance, said they would consider buying a product recommended by an internet personality. At the same time, however, too much influencing by one social media personality can be too much of a good thing.

While 54.9% said they didn’t mind seeing products featured on an internet personality’s social media feed, 60.1% said that products were featured too often on their profiles. That means that brands should consider the number of sponsorships an influencer has when deciding with whom to collaborate, and influencers should be careful not to take on too many.

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