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How insights technology has helped uncover the impact of Covid-19 on small business

6 August, 2020 | 

Businesses across the country have been hit hard by an indiscriminate health crisis and the resulting economic uncertainty. A recent study we conducted on behalf of Fiverr & The PR Group, has not only revealed the resilience of our Aussie SME owners but it’s also managed to provide much needed answers to some critical questions. 

Fiverr, a platform that connects small businesses with skilled freelancers, utilised our proprietary Insights Builder tool to connect with a niche group of 500 small business owners. Tapping into our extensive profile directory, we worked quickly with the team at Fiverr to set the study live to uncover insights including the following:

  • The business impacts of COVID-19 on SMEs
  • Attitudes towards state and federal government responses to COVID-19
  • Sentiment for the future of their business
  • Operational adjustments  in response to rapid market changes

Fiverr were able to monitor survey responses via real time dashboards, allowing them to uncover critical insights as and when they emerged. Once the required number of responses were collected, a comprehensive full data export and our interactive dashboards enabled Fiverr to conduct an in-depth analysis to compile a report within a few days that explored key topics such as remote work productivity, quantified the size of the financial challenges faced, and spoke to the attitudes towards the JobKeeper scheme.

Download the full report here.
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Stay up to date with our latest news, insights and trends reports