Infographic: #DeleteFacebook gains traction

Infographic: #DeleteFacebook gains traction

New research from Pureprofile has uncovered consumer sentiment around the #DeleteFacebook movement which appears to be taking hold across the globe. The findings reveal that over a quarter of users have either deleted or changed their Facebook settings in response to the recent scandal (United Kingdom 29%, Australia 26%, New Zealand 26% and United States 26%).

Brits lead the way with the highest number to have deleted their facebook account (14%), followed by Australia (12%), United States (10%) and New Zealand (9%). A large number have changed the personal data sharing settings in their account – New Zealand being the highest at 17% followed by the United States (16%), United Kingdom (15%) and Australia (14%).

The majority of users in each region find the Facebook settings regarding what personal information is shared to be somewhat to very difficult to understand: Australia 66%, United Kingdom 60%, New Zealand 58%, United States 48%.

Methodology: All respondents surveyed between May 24-28, 2018. AU n= 1,011; NZ n= 1,010; UK n= 861;
US n= 761.

Find out more, read the press release. 

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