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Environmental matters – Who cares the most?

18 November, 2021 | 

As the climate change conversation gets louder, the need for collective action is becoming more pressing. Just this month, world leaders and delegates from more than 180 countries came together at the COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference to discuss progress on global commitments to curb carbon emissions and urge action. But is the level of concern for our environment being addressed and reflected in the work of our governments?
We asked a sample of 1,904 nationally representative panellists from the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and New Zealand, how they feel about the environment and if they think enough is being done to tackle climate change. Here are some of the findings:
About three-quarters of respondents from US, NZ and AU are concerned about the environment with the UK being the most concerned (78%).
Almost half of Americans, Brits and Kiwis are aware of their government’s climate change policy, compared to 39% of Aussies.
People in the UK feel the strongest about their government committing to net zero emissions by 2050: UK (68%), AU (62%), US (55%), NZ (52%).
More than half of Brits and Aussies think their country is not doing enough to tackle climate change, compared to 43% of Americans and Kiwis.
Almost two-thirds of people in the UK agree with Prince Charles that COP26 is the ‘last chance saloon’ to save the planet, compared to about half of all people in AU, NZ and the US.
The infographic below represents further key findings from the research:
Enviromental matters: Who cares the most?

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