Infographic: What makes an Aussie Christmas?

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the country not a creature was stirring – apart from Pureprofile, who wanted to find out more about the way Australians herald in the silly season. So, they hung out their stockings full of questions and eagerly awaited the answers … ‘

This December, some 89% of Australians will be in celebration mode – honouring Christmas with festive feasting, gift giving, and a whole host of other seasonal traditions.

A time to spend …

The giving and receiving of presents is a ritual that never seems to abate – and gift cards / vouchers are clearly the flavour of the season. 40% of Aussies will buy them for others, while 31% hope to receive them. Clothing is also high on the list – 38% wish for these kinds of presents themselves and 37% will buy in this category for others.

Only 6% of people claim that they don’t want any gifts for Christmas and 8% confessed that they do not plan to buy gifts for others.

These results, at the very least, mean that the ‘gift of giving’ is still a thriving tradition.


The festive spirit certainly doesn’t depend solely on what people do or not spend on gifts. Taking part in Christmas activities with family and friends makes up a large part of how Aussies embrace the season.

Deck the halls …

Most people subscribe to Christmas by displaying decorations of some kind. 66% will have an artificial Christmas tree versus the 11% who choose to invest in a real one. A huge 29% of Aussies will recycle all of their decorations from last year.

However, it’s not all good tidings. 14% won’t put up any decorations at all and 9% say they won’t partake in any festive celebrations this season.

Getting into the spirit …

But there’s certainly no need to despair, 46% of people will ring in the holidays by watching Christmas movies, 37% will play festive music and 22% of merrymakers will leave milk and cookies out for Santa (not forgetting carrots for his reindeer!)

And in a final salute to everything we love about Christmas, it’s heartening to note that despite the abundance of technology in our lives, 42% of Aussies will still send Christmas cards in the post, compared to just 24% who will send e-greetings!


What makes us unique also makes us alike!

Season’s Greetings from all of us at Pureprofile.

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