Where people around the world want to travel

Infographic: Where people around the world want to travel

Travelling during the COVID pandemic comes with many questions and complications: Which state or national borders can I cross? Will I need to quarantine? What if I haven’t been fully vaccinated? Is it worth the risk?

To uncover how people feel about travelling in the future, we surveyed our global panel. The study was made up of 1,932 respondents – nationally representative samples from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. Here’s what we discovered:

About half of the UK and US respondents said they will continue to explore locally when travel restrictions ease, compared to 55% of Kiwis and 44% of Aussies.

Approximately one-third of Brits, Kiwis and Aussies look forward to being able to travel internationally again when restrictions are lifted, compared to just 17% of Americans.

Across all 4 countries, there was a strong preference for people to travel within their own regions: 50% of Brits opted for Europe and 42% Americans selected North America.

The Great Pyramids were the most popular Wonder of the World for Aussies and Kiwis and The Colosseum came in first place for Brits and Americans.

Almost one-fifth of Americans do not wish to travel in the near future, compared to Aussies (17%), Brits (11%) and Kiwis (7%).

The infographic below represents more key findings:

Infographic: Where people around the world want to travel


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